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wound care in ennis txAward-Winning Wound Treatment Right Here In Ennis, Tx

Advanced therapies for foot wounds at the Ennis location of Family Foot & Ankle Centers are saving feet. Your podiatrists strive to improve the lives of people living with diabetes who suffer from non-healing foot ulcers. Below we will discuss foot ulcerations. 

  • Traumatic wounds– These are foot or ankle ulcers that occur from trauma such as dropping something on your foot, stepping on something or stubbing your toe.
  • Chronic wounds– Foot ulcers that have been present for longer than 3 months are considered chronic wounds. They can be more difficult to heal. If a wound becomes chronic, it may be due to poor blood flow, peripheral neuropathy, abnormal foot structure or any combination of these.
  • Diabetes-related wounds– People with diabetes are more prone to develop foot ulcerations
  • Heel ulcers– Heel ulcers are quite commonly seen at Family Foot & Ankle Centers. People that have been admitted to the hospital may develop heel wounds for the hospital beds.

How to Prevent Foot Wounds

Once your foot or ankle ulcer is healed, it is important to take some precautions to keep it from recurring. At Family Foot & Ankle Centers, your podiatrist will develop a comprehensive plan to achieve this. Below are some modifications that can help prevent foot and ankle wounds:

  • Examine your feet daily. If you cannot see your feet, have someone look at them for you.
  • Wash your feet daily with warm water and antibacterial soap. Rinse well and double dry between the toes.
  • Avoid smoking or tobacco products. Your skin needs as much blood flow as possible. Tobacco decreases blood flow.
  • Glucose needs to remain controlled. Take prescrbed medications correctly and maintain a healthy diet.
  • Wear a good supportive leather shoe at all times. Leather allows the feet to breath.
  • Avoid barefoot walking, even in the house. Have a pair of slip on sandals handy.
  • Keep feet and legs moisturized daily. Avoid apply cream between the toes.
  • Every diabetic needs to have at least a yearly foot evaluation by a podiatrist.

Living with a foot wound is not normal and our award-winning Ennis foot specialists are here to help you. 

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The foot doctors at Family Foot & Ankle Centers in Ennis, TX treat all foot and ankle problems. Our Podiatrists, Dr. Jeffrey PettyDr. Fernando Cruz, and Dr. Silpa Joy provide 5-star podiatry care to Ellis county and surrounding areas including CorsicanaWaxahachieLancaster, and Palmer, TX. The Podiatrists at Family Foot & Ankle Centers are improving lives one foot at a time. Return to a pain-free life and get back to the things you love!