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Why Do My Feet Smell? A Brief Explanation

It’s almost universal that feet tend to put off a stinky, smelly odor even when you try everything to keep the smell at bay.smelly feet

If you’ve asked yourself why do my feet smell on more than one occasion, it’s important to understand that there are some biological factors at play.

Read on to learn why your feet stink and a find out a few helpful tips that’ll guide you to fresher feet.

So, Why Do My Feet Smell?

Your feet have bacteria that naturally live there, and those bacteria can multiply over time. The combination of these bacteria and moisture can create a not-so-pleasant odor on your feet.

Even though the bacteria are natural, they can still create quite a stink. Their job is to break down oil and dead skin cells on your feet, but when they do this it usually results in an unpleasant odor.

Combine this bacteria with sweat, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for stinky feet. In most cases, the smell is not a cause for serious concern but it can definitely make you feel less confident and a little more self-conscious.

When you wear socks all day, it not only creates more moisture on your feet, but it also traps it. As the day goes on, the sweat accumulates and works with the bacteria to create these icky smells.

How to Combat Stinky Feet

While you can’t expect your feet to smell fresh all the time, there are some things you can do to fight off the stink. First, change your socks regularly and try a pair of socks that feature quick-drying or moisture-wicking fabric.

Allow your feet to breathe whenever you can to keep them fresh and dry. When you get out of the shower, make sure your feet are completely dry before you put socks on. This simple act may help you realize the reason you’ve found yourself asking “why do my feet smell?”

Not only can your socks and feet smell, but those scents can get into your shoes, too. Try a pair of shoes with a breathable upper, and treat your shoes with odor-fighting sprays or powders to help reduce the ick factor.

Keep your feet exfoliated to remove excess dead skin cells. Since the buildup of dead skin can contribute to stinky feet, keeping them smooth will reduce the amount of odor your feet put out.

Add cornstarch to your socks and shoes to absorb excess moisture and odor. You can also try a fragrant foot rub after you bathe. Remember that scented products should be used sparingly since they can increase the amount of moisture on your feet, and the key is to keep them as dry as possible.

Make Your Feet Smell Great Again

Once you’ve asked why do my feet smell, you can begin to get answers and better understand ways to keep them fresh. Avoid letting your feet stay wet for too long, and change your socks on a regular basis to keep them dry and free of excess bacteria.

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