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What To Do For Fabulous Feet

Whether you like to get a pedicure in the nail salon or at home, follow these easy pedicure tips to minimize foot problems.

These are APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) and Dr. Petty’s recommendations to keep your feet looking and feeling their best.

If you have diabetes or poor circulation in your feet, consult Dr. Petty or one of the podiatrists at Family Foot & Ankle Centers, so he can recommend a customized pedicure that both you and your salon can follow for optimal foot health.
Schedule your pedicure first thing in the morning as salon foot baths are typically cleanest earlier in the day. If you’re not a morning person, make sure that the salon filters and cleans the foot bath between clients. Many salons are now using a disposable liner in their foot baths.
Bring your own pedicure utensils to the salon. Bacteria and fungus can move easily from one person to the next if the salon doesn’t use proper sterilization techniques.
Use a pumice stone or foot file to remove thick, dry skin calluses on the heels, Soak feet in warm water for at least five minutes before using the stone or foot file to gently smooth calluses and other rough areas.
Use a toenail clipper with a straight edge to ensure your toenail is cut straight across. Other tools like manicure scissors or fingernail clippers increase the risk of ingrown toenails because of their small, curved shape. See one our podiatrists at Family Foot & Ankle Centers if you have a tendency to develop ingrown toenails. A pedicurist is not a foot doctor and should never offer to remove your ingrown toenail. NEVER let them dig into your toe.
To smooth nail edges, use an emery board. File lightly in one direction without using too much pressure and being sure not to scrape the nail’s surface as this can lead to a fungal infection.
Gently run a wooden or rubber manicure stick under your nails to keep them clean. This helps remove the dirt and build-up you may or may not be able to see.
Maintain the proper moisture balance of the skin on your feet by applying moisturizer to keep the soles soft. Amlactin, CeraVe, and Aquaphor are some of our podiatrists recommendations.
When painting the toenails, Dr. Petty recommends lighter colored polishes because they have less formaldehyde to dry out and discolor the nail. Make sure to remove polish regularly using non-acetone nail polish remover. Our team of foot doctors recommends Dr’s Remedy Toenail Polish.

The information provided in this article is not meant to be medical advice and is for educational purposes only. If you would like to learn more about topics related to podiatry, feel free to contact Family Foot & Ankle Centers by clicking here or calling 972-597-4132 to reach our Waxahachie office, 903-872-9910 to reach our Corsicana office, or  972-875-3668 to reach our Ennis office.