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Shoes for Sore Feet: Shoe Mistakes That are Causing You Pain

Almost two-thirds of Americans knowingly wear shoes that hurt their feet. This is an unnecessary pain that Americans put up with daily. 

If you’re suffering from foot pain, the first place to look is at your shoes. You could resolve your issues and pain by buying shoes for sore good shoesfeet. Keep reading to learn about common mistakes people make when wearing their shoes. 

Your Shoes Are Too Big 

The obvious pain from shoes that are too small makes it clear that you shouldn’t wear them. But what about shoes that are too big. You don’t immediately feel that pinch of pain. 

Shoes that are too big don’t provide the proper support in the correct places. They can cause sprains, blisters, and ankle injuries. Your feet moving around in them puts extra stress on your legs and back. 

The Fix 

To fix this problem, you should get shoes that are your correct size. If you want to keep your too-big shoes, you could try placing shoe fillers in them. These are plastic or foam inserts that slip into your shoes and fill the extra space. 

You Walk the Same Way in Heels and Flip Flops 

If you wear heels, you need to change the way you walk to accommodate the changed foot position. Failing to have proper posture with your shoulders back and increase your risk of stumbling or falling. 

We all know those pencil-thin sky-high stilettos are beautiful, but they are also tougher on your feet. The harsher the angle, the more stress you’ll feel through your arch, and the more weight will be on the ball of your foot. 

The Fix

Look for heels that have a slightly thicker heel. The thicker the heel, the more stability you’ll have. Consider going lower with the heel height.

If you love high heels, look for shoes with a platform under your toes. This reduces the angle of your foot and relieves some of the pressure on the ball of your foot. 

Once you put them on, make sure you walk the right way. Put your shoulders back, engage your core, and lead with the ball of your foot. 

Wearing the Wrong Shoes for the Occasion 

This tip isn’t about fashion trends. You need to wear the right shoes for the activity you plan to do.

The Fix

If you plan to go running, you need shoes that allow your feet to flex while also providing support. 

Hiking, on the other hand, calls for sturdier shoes that provide increased support on the unstable and changing ground. If you’re spending the day walking, you’ll want a shoe that isn’t heavy and support both your feet and ankles. 

If you’re attending a backyard BBQ or picnic, leave the heels at home. It’s not worth struggling to maintain balance and pulling your heels out of the ground all day. 

Start Buying Shoes for Sore Feet

When it comes to relieving your foot pain, the first place to start is buying shoes for sore feet. Look for shoes that are the correct size, offer support, and are meant for your intended activity. 

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