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Pediatric Foot Care in Our Ennis TX Office

pediatric foot care in ennis txFamily Foot & Ankle Centers Can Help Your Child’s Foot Pain

Adults are not the only ones who have foot or ankle problems. Kids can have them, too. Children’s feet usually stop growing early into their teen years, but if there is an issue with their feet before then, it is important to get them checked and treated if necessary. Family Foot & Ankle Centers is a 5-star- rated provider of pediatric foot care in Ennis, TX. Depending on your child’s unique feet and what his or her symptoms are, we can determine what the problem is and help your child get back to doing the activities he or she loves to do!

Common Foot & Ankle Conditions In Children

Ingrown Toenails in Kids

When the toenail grows into the surrounding skin, your child may experience pain in shoes or with activity. You may notice redness, swelling, and possibly pus coming from the toe. If an ingrown toenail is not treated properly, it can lead to infection and eventually blood poisoning.

At Family Foot & Ankle Centers, we had fixed over 10,000 painful ingrown toenails. We use something we referred to as “the Magic Cold spray” that helps make the entire procedure almost painless. We have been able to remove ingrown toenails from children fascia has for over 5 years old in the office with this simple procedure. Your child will walk out the door pain-free. We will also help you identify possible causes for your child’s ingrown toenail, so steps can be taken to keep it from happening again.

Heel Pain In Children

Sever’s Disease is inflammation of the growth plate in the heel. With this condition, the Achilles tendon that attaches into the heel bone and irritates the growth plate. Symptoms include pain at the back or bottom of the heel bone and can be occur when playing  sports. This can cause the child to run with a limp. 

The immediate goal of treatment is pain relief. Because symptoms generally worsen with activity, the main treatment for Sever’s disease is rest, which helps to relieve pressure on the heel bone. Other treatments include immobilizing the foot in a walking boot anti-inflammatory medication, stretching of the Achilles tendon and icing the foot after activity.

If your child suffers from heel pain or limps after activity, call Family Foot & Ankle Centers and we will get them pain free.

Flat Feet In Children

Most all children have a flat foot up until around the age of 6-7 years old. At that point, the muscles have strengthened and the arch should be mostly developed. Approximately 10-20% of children that have flat feet will continue to have flat feet as an adult. The majority of children with flat feet are painless and the parent may notice that the child walks different than some of the other children. If your child’s foot is not painful, no treatment is normally necessary.

However, if your child has foot pain during walking or running, you should see our foot specialists at Family Foot & Ankle Centers in Enis.  Your child may require special bracing or custom inserts to help eliminate your child’s pain and allow him to return to activity pain-free.

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