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pediatric foot care in ennis txFamily Foot & Ankle Centers Can Help Resolve Your Child’s Issues

Adults are not the only ones who have foot or ankle problems. Kids can have them, too. Children’s feet usually stop growing early into their teen years, but if there is an issue with their feet before then, it is important to get them checked and treated if necessary. Family Foot & Ankle Centers is a 5-star- rated provider of pediatric foot care in Ennis, TX. Depending on your child’s unique feet and what his or her symptoms are, we can determine what the problem is and help your child get back to doing the activities he or she loves to do!

Common Foot & Ankle Conditions In Children

Of the many conditions that can affect your child’s feet, the most common include growth plate inflammation, ingrown nails, flat feet, and warts. Growth plate inflammation in the heel, or Sever’s disease, is the most common. If your child is active in sports, especially soccer or basketball, he or she may be more prone to this foot problem. The complaint is usually of pain in the heel during and after a practice or game.

Active children are also more prone to flat feet, which can often cause pain in the feet and lower legs. Pediatricians will often misdiagnose this type of pain as simple growing pains in the feet. It is a myth that all children will outgrow being flat-footed. Fortunately, most foot and leg soreness from flat feet can be relieved quite easily with custom foot orthotics, or custom insoles.

Family Foot & Ankle Centers can usually find a solution for your child’s foot pain as soon as the very first visit. If your child has a condition such as flat feet, custom orthotics may be all that is needed. We recommend early intervention for all foot problems, particularly for children. Allow us to help you by getting your child back to the activities he or she loves to do without the pain of having a foot condition.

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