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Know the Warning Signs: 5 Symptoms of Arthritis in the Toes

Foot problems are far from uncommon and 24% of adults are have foot-related issues. That’s almost 1 in 4 people struggling with pain in their feet. With so many joints in our feet, arthritis is a particularly common problem.arthritis feet
The toes are an area that can suffer. Recognizing the signs of arthritis in toes is important for seeking treatment. Want to discover if the pain in your toes may be the result of arthritis? Keep reading for 5 symptoms of toe arthritis.
1. Pain
Arthritis almost always leads to some level of pain. Be wary if you’ve noticed the occurrence of pain in your toes as It could be the first sign of arthritis.
The sensation of the pain itself can vary. You may experience aching or even stabbing pain in the feet. As the condition gets worse, so will the pain.
2. Toes Look Different
Arthritic toes can often look different than normal toes and over time, they can change shape. This has to do with the body’s natural response to the condition. As the cartilage wears away between joints, it attempts to replace it with new bone.
This physiological ‘hack’ may support the joint. But in doing so, the toes move, twist and contort. You may notice changes in size, shape, and may even notice the toes beginning to buckle or curve.
3. Swollen Toes
Arthritis is an inflammatory condition by nature. The joints it affects will become inflamed. This inflammation can often lead to swelling. Alongside the increase in size, tell-tale signs of swelling include redness and warmth.
Arthritic toes are likely to swell up, especially after long sedentary periods. Be wary if your shoes start to feel tighter.
4. Stiffness
Swelling in the toes and feet often causes stiffness. This happens as the cartilage between the joints becomes worn and inflamed.
As the joint becomes further damaged, the toes may become harder to bend. This can be uncomfortable. It may become harder to walk as normal.
5. Loss of Functionality
Stiffness in the foot and toes can develop into a total loss of function. For instance, it may become impossible to lift the big toe upwards. Arthritis forces the toe into an immovable downward position. This can lead to further discomfort, pain, and difficulty walking.
The stiffness is worth emphasizing as arthritis in the feet can be debilitating. Having trouble walking or spending time on your feet is common with joint pain.
Time to Seek Treatment for Arthritis in Toes
There you have it: 5 symptoms of having arthritis in toes. Foot problems are common in adults and can effect your lifestyle. 
If you have the misfortune of toe arthritis, then it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible. This article has highlighted the symptoms of it to enable you to do exactly that.
Suspect you have arthritis in your feet and seeking treatment for it? Schedule an appointment with one of our foot specialists today.


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