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Hammer & Claw Toe Treatment in Ennis TX

hammer & claw toe ennis tx5-Star-Rated Ennis Podiatrists Can Help You With Painful Hammertoes 

Have you noticed that one or more of your toes is bent compared to the others?  You may have a hammertoe.  A hammertoe occurs as a result of a muscle imbalance in the toe. This causes the toe to bend up in the center of the toe.

Hammertoes can be flexible, which means that they are able to be straightened flat against the ground.  If they cannot be laid flat, they are considered rigid hammertoes and are more difficult to treat. Many times, these toes can developed a corn on the top of the toe from rubbing on the shoe. 

At Family Foot & Ankle Centers in Ennis, we use the most advanced techniques available anywhere to treat hammertoes. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan to keep your feet healthy and comfortable.


The muscles of each toe need to be balanced to keep the toe in a straight position.  When these muscles are out of balance, the toe will bend upward at the joint and deform.  Below is a list of conditions that can lead to a hammertoe.

  • Genetics: Unstable feet are passed down in families and can lead to the development of hammertoes.
  • Trauma: Any type of trauma to the toe can make the toe unstable.
  • Arthritis: Degenerative or rheumatoid arthritis affecting the joints of the toes and can lead to hammertoes.
  • Tight shoes: The toes need room to function normally. Wearing shoes that put your toes under too much pressure can cause instability.


Hammertoes can be treated conservatively or with surgery.  First, some conservative treatments will be discussed. It is important to wear shoes with a high toe box to keep the toes from rubbing.  High heels should be avoided as they can damage the structure of the toes. Padding the toe with tube foam or gel pads can help cushion the toe from irritation from the shoe. Hammertoe splints can be beneficial to help hold the toes in a straightened position and removed pressure from the top and tip of the toe.

If conservative treatment does not relieve your pain, surgery may be recommended to straighten the toe and restore motion. The type of surgery that will be necessary depends on the severity of the hammertoe. if the contracted toe is still flexible, a more simple tendon release or tendon transfer can reduce the deformity.  If the toe is rigidly contracted, a small piece of bone may need to be removed to allow the toe to straighten. The podiatrists at Family Foot and Ankle Centers in Ennis will evaluate your feet and design a custom treatment plan individualized to your needs.

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