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State-of-the-Art Electronic Analysisgait and pressure analysis in waxahachie tx

Gait analysis can be a beneficial tool used to examine a person’s walk as part of treating certain foot disorders. Visual analysis and pedobarographic analysis on the Emed (Novel) gait platform are both used. Our Family Foot & Ankle Centers podiatrists use gait and pressure analysis in Waxahachie, TX, to observe the alignment of your ankles, feet, knees, hips, pelvis, shoulders, and head while you’re walking.

They will also observe the symmetry of your gait and how everything works together as you move. In addition to spending time studying the way you walk naturally, our podiatrist may also ask you to walk on your heels, toes, or run a distance in order to fully understand your pathology.

How Gait Analysis Works

When using the Emed/Novel gait analysis platform, you’ll be asked to run and our podiatrist will take an electronic measurement of the pressure under your feet as you’re running. This analysis helps determine which parts of your foot are under the most pressure and allows our podiatrist to prescribe the correct treatment for your condition.

Our research team can also use this data to study how certain foot disorders can affect how you walk, the amount of pressure put on your feet, your foot loading, and how select surgical procedures can change foot pressures.

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