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Fun in the Sun but Dangerous on the Soles: Top Dangers of Flip Flops

Are Flip-Flops Bad for Your Feet? Top Dangers of Wearing Flip Flopsflip-flops-bad-for-feet

Many believe it is not summer until you break out the flip-flops! This popular type of sandal is synonymous with warmer weather and a carefree attitude.

Each year, thousands of people break out their favorite pair of flip-flops and head outdoors for some fun in the sun. But your choice in footwear may come back to haunt you.

Are flip-flops bad for your feet? As much as we love flip-flops, the answer is a resounding yes!

Keep reading to discover why we’re packing away our flip-flops for good.

Achilles Tendinitis

Tendinitis occurs when the muscle that attaches your calf to your heel begins to tear. The result is every bit as painful as it sounds and can take weeks to months for healing.

Since flip-flops offer little foot support, your feet have to flex more to gain traction. This causes additional strain on your Achilles tendon and increases your risk of injury.

If you have flat feet, you’re especially vulnerable when wearing flip-flops.

Ankle Sprains

Nothing ruins a day at the beach faster than twisting your ankle. But sometimes it isn’t your clumsiness that’s to blame — it’s your footwear.

Again, it all comes down to the lack of support that flip-flops provide. Your ankles deserve better!

Bacterial Infections

Fungal infections can cause all sorts of nasty problems like Athlete’s Foot and ringworm. Believe it or not, these conditions are even grosser than they sound.

And by wearing flip-flops — especially near moist or dirty areas — you’re leaving your feet vulnerable to tons of gross bacteria.

Infections can result in rashes, the loss of your toenail, dry and bleeding feet, and more.


Have you ever seen someone whose toes curl at an unnatural angle? Chances are they have a hammertoe, a condition that occurs from foot cramping and poor foot support.

Aside from being hard to look at, hammertoe can be painful and hard to treat.


Flip-flops and beaches may be synonymous, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Especially when you take into account how dirty some beaches are.

Most flip-flops are nothing more than a thin piece of rubber or foam along with a small toe strap. It wouldn’t take much more than a broken piece of glass to rupture through the bottom of your sandal and expose your body to dangerous bacteria.

If you’re unfortunate enough to puncture your foot, clean the area immediately and wrap your foot in a bandage. If your foot continues to swell after a day or so, seek medical assistance as you may have an infection.

Are Flip-Flops Bad For Your Feet? Why You Should Skip the Flip

We’re sorry to ruin anyone’s summer, but after asking “Are flip-flops bad for your feet?” it’s clear that you’re better off leaving your favorite pair of comfy foam footwear in the closet this year.

If you absolutely must wear flip-flops, pick a pair with a thick sole and strong arch support.

Already dealing with the dangerous downsides of flip-flops? Schedule an appointment today and see how we can help you get up and running in no time.

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