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Foot Pain After Running? Avoid Injury With These 3 Stretches

Every year, about 30 to 75% of runners get hurt. Ankle sprains, tendonitis, and stress fractures are a few of the foot injuries that can take yourunning stretches out of the race. However, many of these painful conditions can be prevented.

Whether you run for fitness or for competition, the healing time for a foot injury can feel never-ending. 

Luckily, the right stretches can prevent injuries and relieve foot pain after running. Read on to learn about three stretches for runners that’ll ease pain and keep you from getting hurt. 

Stretches For Your Feet and Legs

Kneeling Plantar Fascia and Toe Stretch

The plantar fascia is the tissue that connects your heel to your toes. If it gets irritated, you’ll feel a sharp stabbing pain near your heel. This is called plantar fasciitis. 

First, take off your shoes and kneel on the floor. Tuck your toes under so they’re pointing towards your knees and sit on your heels. You should feel a stretch in the bottom of your feet. Hold this position for 30 seconds, rest, and repeat three times. You should do this a few times a week or any time you feel tension in the bottom of your feet. This also helps stretch out your toes.

If you have flat feet or very high arches, you’re more likely to suffer from plantar fasciitis. But, the more limber your foot is, the more protected from injury you’ll be.

Knee to Wall Stretch 

If you have pain in your arch and the inside of your ankle, running can be painful. The arch is what stabilizes your foot and ankle. Pay attention to arch pain because it can lead to more serious injuries.

One way to prevent arch and ankle pain is to strengthen your foot. A knee to wall stretch improves your ankle’s range of motion, for example.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Step forward with your right foot and bend your right knee. Keep your left leg straight.

Hold the position of your arch (don’t let your ankle roll inward) while keeping your heel on the ground. Try to press your right knee towards the wall. You should feel a stretch on the inside of your ankle.

Pronate and Supinate Stretch

Pronation is the normal pattern of movement when you walk. Your ankle rolls slightly in and outward as you walk. 

But, with overpronation and supination your foot rolls too far inward or outward. It can lead to ankle injuries. This pronate and supinate stretch can help strengthen both sides of your ankle and prevent pain.

Stand with your feet together and take a wide step backward with your right foot. Your right toes should point towards the right wall, while your left knee and ankle roll inward. 

Then, step your right foot in front of your left so your feet form a T. Let your left knee and ankle roll outward. Do 10-15 reps and then repeat with your left foot.

Visit a Foot Doctor If You Suffer From Foot Pain After Running

Regular stretching can help prevent injuries from running. But, if you’re constantly feeling foot pain after running, you should see a doctor. 

Your pain could signal a serious problem like tendonitis or a stress fracture. These conditions require medical attention. If left untreated, they can lead to tendon damage or a complete bone break. Contact us today to make an appointment with one of our podiatrists. 

The information provided in this article is not meant to be medical advice and is for educational purposes only. If you would like to learn more about topics related to podiatry, feel free to contact Family Foot & Ankle Centers by clicking here or calling 972-597-4132 to reach our Waxahachie office, 903-872-9910 to reach our Corsicana office, or  972-875-3668 to reach our Ennis office.