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Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgery in Waxahachie, Corsicana & Ennis, TX

foot & surgery in waxahachie txOur 5-Star-Rated Surgical Care Will Help You Get Back on Your Feet

If you’re living with a painful foot problem and it is affecting her lifestyle, foot surgery may be a viable option for you. The podiatrists at Family Foot & Ankle Centers have decades of experience performing the most advanced foot and ankle procedures. From simple surgery on the toes to more complex reconstructive foot surgeries, your foot specialists have the expertise to help relieve your pain so that you can have a normal, healthy lifestyle.

Often, surgery is recommended as a last resort. But if you’re not finding pain relief with conservative treatments, surgery may be worth considering.

For convenience, we can perform many foot and ankle procedures in our surgically equipped offices in Waxahachie, Ennis, and Corsicana. If it is a more complex surgery or if you prefer, procedures can also be performed at Baylor Scott and White Medical Center–WaxahachieEnnis Regional Medical CenterNavarro Regional Hospital, and surgery centers within Dallas, Ellis and Navarro Counties.

 Ankle Surgery

If you’ve suffered an injury to your ankle and experience pain, swelling, redness, or bruising, you may have broken a bone. Dr. Petty is a highly trained and experienced specialist for broken ankle surgery in Waxahachie. During your initial examination, he can help ascertain whether your injury is an ankle sprain or an ankle fracture. If you injured yourself seriously and are experiencing pain, you may need surgery to correct your broken ankle.

Total Ankle Replacement

In some cases, total ankle replacement surgery may be required. Ankle replacement surgery involves replacing damaged bones or cartilage in the ankle joint. Prosthetics are used to replace the damaged parts and get your ankle back to feeling normal again. Total ankle replacement may be necessary if you have arthritis or an injury and conservative treatments haven’t worked. if surgery is necessary, we can help you by performing a professional and effective procedure at your convenience.

Foot Surgery In Waxahachie, Ennis, and Corsicana

Our expert podiatrists are also highly experienced in surgeries for the feet. We have performed surgeries for the following foot conditions:

  • Bunions– You may need bunion surgery if you have severe pain in shoes that is not releived with conservative treatments. The goal of bunion surgery is to relieve pain, remove the “bump”, and straighten the big toe. There are several different surgical procedures that are used to correct bunions. The type of surgical procedure performed depends on the severity of the bunion and your activity level. Your bunion surgery might be performed in the office or the hospital outpatient facility. 
  • Bone spurs– Bone spurs can usually be removed through small incisions, depending on the location of the spur. Spurs located in the ankle are normally removed using arthroscopic surgery through 2 small incisions.
  • Diabetic foot care– Surgery is sometimes required to help heal a diabetic foot ulcer. Wound grafts can be beneficial in healing these wounds in a timely manner.
  • Flat feet– The correction of flat feet can be a relatively simple procedure or may require a more complex reconstructive surgery at the hospital outpatient facility.
  • Feet fractures–Breaks in the bone may need to be realigned. This is normally done on an outpatient basis and may involve screws or plates to realign the fracture.
  • Hammertoes–Curled toes can be straightened in the office or a day surgery at the hospital.
  • Heel spur– A spur on the back or bottom of the heel can be removed if painful. This is normally done on an outpatient basis day surgery.
  • Toenail fungus–A relatively easy procedure to remove the nail permanently or to allow the nail to regrow without fungus.

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