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 Flat foot is common in both adults and children. Not only do flat feet cause several other foot problems, they also can lead to back, knee, and hip pain.

 An arch normally develops before the age of 12. However, about 20% percent of people don’t develop arches in their feet. Are you one of the many people who have flat feet or fallen arches? Does your child have flat feet? If so, you’re in the right place. Family Foot & Ankle Centers offer award-winning flat foot care in Waxahachie, TX. 

Symptoms of Flat Feet 

Although some people with this condition have no symptoms, many people who have flat feet will experience some or all of the following symptoms: 
  • Pain, swelling, and discomfort in the heel and arch areas of your feet.
  • Feet that tire easily and become fatigued. Flat foot deformity is not efficeint and causes the muscles and ligaments to work harder.
  • Pain or weakeness in the ankles. You may experience ankle sprains more frequently than most people.
  • Knee, hip, and back pain that is caused by lack of foot support. The arch is critical in absorbing shock and when it is not working properly, other joints have to work harder. 

What treatments are available? 

The majority of people with flat feet simply require more arch support to alleviate the stress on the tendons and ligaments of the foot and leg. 

Custom orthotics are our foot specialists treatment of choice. These orthotics are not something you buy off-the-shelf at the store. They are made from cast taken of your foot impressions. These prescription inserts can even correct biomechanical problems and completely changes the way your foot functions. By getting your feet into the most ideal position, you can find significant relief for a number of foot problems. 

Many of our patients are amazed at how much better their feet feel from wearing custom orthotics. Our foot specialists enjoy hearing patients expressing how their custom orthotics have changed our lives and how the orthotics took stress off of their knees and back.  

Sometimes stretching and exercising the feet can help with your discomfort as well. Strong, flexible feet are better equipped to handle the stresses and pressures of your daily activities.  

What about flat foot surgery? 

If other treatments, which should always be tried first, are not successful, then surgery may be a viable option. 

A common flatfoot procedure performed Family Foot & Ankle Centers is known as Hypocure. This surgical procedure helps to realign your ankle with your foot and requires just a small incision. You are back to normal activities within a few weeks. 

A custom treatment plan to address your flat feet will be developed specifically for you by your Waxahachie podiatrist. 

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