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flatfoot in waxahachie txAward-Winning Podiatric Care For Flat feet

Are you one of the many people who have flat feet or fallen arches? Does your child have flat feet? If so, you’re in the right place.

Living with flat feet can make simple tasks like walking suddenly become a painful challenge. Flat feet can also be the cause of your hip or back problems!

If you’re living with flat feet and curious about ways to improve your fallen arches, we can help!

Family Foot & Ankle Centers offers award-winning flat foot care in Waxahachie, Corsicana & Ennis, TX.

Did you know all babies are born with flat feet? As a baby grows and begins to walk, their arch typically rises as the muscles in the feet develop. However, in about 20% of the population, their arch never deveops. If you have flat feet, your arch remains close to the ground because your tendons are looser than they are in someone without flat feet.

Types of Flat Feet

There are two main types of flat feet: congenital and acquired. Congenital flat feet are present from birth and typically don’t cause a lot of symptoms. Acquired flat feet or fallen arches develop later in life from trauma or muscle imbalances. This typically causes pain and discomfort as the ankles start to sag inward.

Symptoms of Flat Feet

Many people with flat feet never experience symptoms. However, if you have flat feet and do experience symptoms, they may include:
Tired or achy feet after you stand or play sports

  • Tired or achy feet after you stand or play sports
  • Pain in your lower back, hips and your lower legs– as a flat foot is a poor shock absorber, the other joints from the back down have to help absorb the shock
  • Pain in your arches- the ligament that supports your arch, the plantar fascial ligament, can become stretched and strained
  • Pain in your ankles- flat feet do not absorb shock very well. This puts a lot of pressure on the ankle and can lead to aching and painful ankles

Treatment Options

No one should have to live with flat foot pain, and at Family Foot & Ankle Centers, we’ve helped thousands of people get back to living a pain-free life. Some common treatments for flat feet include:

  • Supportive shoes– The simplest fix of all is purchasing a pair of shoes that will support your arches and help align your feet. You can also get orthotic inserts or arch supports to use with shoes you already own that may not offer arch support. These insoles can alleviate pain while correcting how you stand, walk, and run.

  • Foot and ankle stretches–it is important to keep the calf muscles limber to allow the foot to remain flexible. Not only will stretching the muscles in your feet help relieve pain, over time it could help strengthen the arches in your feet.  Exercises for flat feet can slowly improve your foot strength, leading to less pain. 

  • Icing and elevation– If you need a short term solution for temporary pain, try elevating your feet with an ice pack on them for 20 minutes. This can be combined with an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory such as Alleve. This combination should have you back on your feet quickly!
  • Prescription anti-inflammatory medicine–this can help reduce pain and inflammation
  • Custom orthotics– these shoe inserts are made to support your flat feet and and shock absorption while supporting arches
  • Foot surgery– In severe cases, surgery may be required. Newer surgical procedures have greatly improved the treatment of flat feet.

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