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Digital Radiography in Waxahachie, TX

digital radiography in waxahachie txExperience Cutting-Edge Diagnostics at Family Foot & Ankle Centers

Family Foot & Ankle Centers is proud to offer advanced modern-day diagnostic options. Traditional X-ray imaging – using photographic film to produce images – is a thing of the past. We use modern techniques to provide cutting-edge digital radiography in Waxahachie, TX.

What Is Digital Radiography?

Digital radiography uses sensors to scan the subject, producing an image immediately. This method offers many advantages over traditional X-rays. There is no need to wait for photographic film to be processed. The image is able to be previewed and quickly saved, transferred, or enhanced as needed. Additionally, less radiation is needed to produce a digital image compared to a conventional X-ray image.

It is also a more cost-effective procedure due to the elimination of expensive film and costly processing techniques. Plus, digital radiography has a wider dynamic range, which means it can produce higher quality images and there is a reduced chance of under or over-exposure.

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