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Custom orthotics are made from a plaster mold of your foot. These specially made inserts take many hours to make. These are not to be confused with the so-called “custom orthotics” that you can get at your local superstore.

A true custom orthotic plaster cast, used by podiatrists, captures the problems in your feet and your insert will be fabricated to relieve the painful symptoms. The symptoms include pain in the lower back, hip pain, knee pain and ankle pain. If you suffer from any of these conditions, visit our award-winning specialists for custom orthotics. With 3 convenient offices in Waxahachie, Corsicana & Ennis, TX, we are here to help get you back to living without foot pain!

Why Custom Orthotics?

Mass-produced store bought inserts can help provide cushioning and mild arch support. This can help with minor foot discomfort but because they are designed to fit everyone, they do not captures your individual foot problem. No two people have the same feet, therefore, no two people should use the same orthotic.

Custom orthotics take time to make. If you walk out of the store with orthotics in a box, they were not custom made to your foot and only your foot. We create custom orthotics to relieve pain, strengthen the feet, and to prevent injury by allowing the foot to function at peak capacity. 

Who Can benefit from Custom Orthotics?

Not eceryone needs a custom orthoticCustom orthotics are also used to correct any abnormalities caused by the way you walk, which is referred to as biomechanics. The podiatrists at Family Foot & Ankle Centers will perform a thorough biomechanical exam on your feet to see if you need custom orthotics. You may be a candidate for custom orthotics if you suffer from lower back pain, leg pain, or pain in your foot. Common foot conditions treated with custom orthotics are flat feet, heel pain such as with plantar fasciitis, and bunions and hammertoes.

At Family Foot & Ankle Centers, we have the expertise to correctly diagnose your foot problem and ensure that your orthotic is right for you.



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