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Custom Foot Orthotics Available in Corsicana, TX

custom orthotics in corsicana tx5-Star-Rated Orthotics Help You Get Back to Living Pain-Free

Your foot is a complex and intricate collection of bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This bone structure is so strong that it can bear your entire body weight. However, just like any other body part, a foot is also susceptible to pain and injuries. Foot pain can easily affect any part of your foot; From your sole, to your toes, to your Achilles tendon at the back of your heel. Mild foot pain can be sometimes fade away, but moderate pain or injuries may benefit from a prescription orthotic.

Why Custom Foot Orthotics?

Custom Foot orthotics not only cushion your feet, they correct any biomechanical problems with how they function. These devices are made specifically for your feet, from a plaster mold of your feet. This is not a susperstore shoe insert. Foot pain is highly prevalent in both young and older people and has a significant impact on their health-related quality of life. As people age, and as the incidence of obesity increases, there is a high risk of an increasing prevalence of foot pain. Custom orthotics can help to realign the feet and help relieve discomfort from the feet to the lower back. 

It can be quite hard for people with foot pain to go on with their routine activities as they would typically do. Simple actions and activities like walking and standing can become extremely painful. Taking care of your feet by wearing custom foot orthotics to absorb unwanted stresses can help your feet last a lifetime. 

How Can Orthotics Help With Your Pain?

Orthotics are prescription made shoe inserts prescribed by our foot doctor that are custom-made specifically to be used by people with foot pain. Our foot specialists prescribes orthotics to treat foot problems and to address many symptoms that lead to discomfort and pain up to the lower back. Orthotics are a significant part of the treatment regime for ankle and foot concerns and are commonly used in combination with other treatment options such as physical therapy and supportive shoes. A doctor also suggests using NSAIDs, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic drugs to reduce swelling and pain.

Other treatment options are usually recommended along with orthotics. For instance, when a person’s feet overpronate, they might roll a little downward or inward (typically occurs in people with flat feet problems). Such people are prescribed orthotics for increased arch support and to help the person walk more efficiently.

At Family Foot & Ankle Centers, our custom orthotics not only support the foot, but also realign it.  This improves the structure of the foot and helps to prevent bone misalignment and muscle fatigue. 

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Since 1999, Dr. Jeffrey Petty has provided 5 star podiatry care in Corsicana, TX. Dr. Fernando Cruz and Dr. Silpa Joy also see patients at the Corsicana location. We treat all foot problems and specialize in heel pain, ingrown toenails, fractures, and sprains. Treating patients in Navarro county and surrounding areas such as Ennis, Blooming Grove, Kerens, Mexia, and Fairfield.  As the premier podiatry center in Corsicana, TX, our foot doctors and team will get you pain free and back to doing the things you love!