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Get Callus & Corn Relief in Waxahachie, Ennis & Corsicana

Corns and calluses are common foot problems that are typically formed when ground pressure or shoes press against the balls of the feet. While they are common and not life-threatening, they can cause irritation. At Family Foot & Ankle Centers, we have treated thousands of people who have suffered from corns and calluses.

What is A Corn?

Corns and calluses are both areas of thick skin found on the foot and toes. Generally, a callus is common on the bottom of the feet and a corn develops on or between the toes. Both can become irritated and painful but corns have a tendency to go deeper and cause discomfort. Corns and calluses are not contagious and are many times misdiagnosed as warts. 

What Causes Corns & Calluses?

Your bodies response to excessive friction is harden the skin in that area. Corns and calluses form due to pressure on the skin.

A corn on the top of the toes is from rubbing against the top of the shoe. Corns between the toes appear when the toes rub together too tightly. Corns are prevalent if you have hammertoes or contracted toes.

Calluses on the bottom of the feet occur due to excessive pressure against the part of the foot the is affected. Calluses are common on the ball of the foot.

People that spend a lot of time on their feet are prone to developing corns and calluses. They can also occur in you don’t wear the proper shoes. 


Almost all corns and calluses will slowly fade away once you remove the source of friction that is causing it. It is important to purchase shoes with plenty of room and that are not cramped in the toes. Fit your shoes at the end of the day when you feet are their largest. The foot specialists at Family Foot & Ankle Centers recommend shoes with adequate padding or friction reducing insoles. Custom orthotics are made to your feet and have been proven to reduce the pressure that causes these painful lesions.

Once the source of friction has been removed, it is important to keep the skin moisturized. Avoid acid patches as they can leas to infections and even worsen the pain.  Padding the toes is good to help relieve friction, but again, without the acid.You can treat your corn or callus at home by soaking your foot in warm, soapy water then filing away the surface with a fine emery board. However, if the pain continues to exist, we highly recommend seeing one of our podiatrists. Our team of podiatrists will let you know if your corn is caused by simply wearing the wrong shoes or from a foot deformity. 

How can I prevent them?

In preventing corns and calluses it is important decease friction and pressure on the feet. On occasion, you can treat them at home by gently rubbing them with a pumice stone followed by moisturizer. This can help relieve discomfort but does not address the cause- friction. Wear shoes with soft leather that fit appropriately and a cushioned insole. We do not recommend self treating if you are elderly or diabetic. 

If you still have pain after self treatment, call the foot specialists at Family Foot & Ankle Centers to get you back to doing the things you love. 

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