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Corns and calluses are common foot problems that are typically formed when ground pressure or shoes press against the balls of the feet. While they are common and not life-threatening, they can cause irritation. At Family Foot & Ankle Centers, our podiatry specialists have treated thousands of people who have suffered from corns and calluses in Ennis, TX.

Causes of Corns and Calluses

The difference between a corn and a callus is that a corn has a core in the center that’s surrounded by inflamed skin. Corns can be painful when pressed, while calluses typically are not. The friction or pressure placed on your foot from your shoes or the ground causes a hard layer of skin around the foot to defend itself against irritation that may occur. The longer the pressure continues, the worse the corn can get.

If you have a hammertoe or bunion, you may develop a corn or callus where your shoes rub against the top of your toe. The kinds of shoes you wear can also cause corns or calluses to form through friction. In addition, any abnormal foot function such as overly sweaty feet or standing up for long periods of time can result in the formation of corns or calluses on your feet.

Treatment of Corns and Calluses

You can treat your corn or callus at home by soaking your foot in warm, soapy water then filing away the surface with a fine emery board. However, if the pain persists, we highly recommend seeing one of our Ennis podiatrists. Our team will let you know if your corn is caused by simply wearing the wrong shoes, a deformity, or biochemical pathology.

Several treatments are available depending on your pain level, lifestyle, and activity level. We will come up with the best treatment plan for your corn or callus.

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