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corns and calluses ennis txGet Corn & Callus Relief Right Here in Ennis, TX!

Corns and calluses are common foot problems that are typically formed when ground pressure or shoes press against the balls of the feet. While they are common and not life-threatening, they can cause irritation. At Family Foot & Ankle Centers, our podiatry specialists have treated thousands of people who have suffered from corns and calluses in Ennis, TX.

What is a Corn? What is a Callus?

corn is actually a type of callus. Corns are usually found on the top and sides of the toes. When on top of the toes, the corns will be hard and when between the toes they will become soft. They can become very painful when something rubs or touches it. 

A callus is normally found on the bottom of the feet. They are usually larger than corns and less painful. The most common area of the foot where they can be found is the heel and ball of the foot.

What causes them?

Both corns and calluses are from too much pressure or friction on the skin. This causes the skin to try to protect itself and start thickening to protect the nerves underneath. This skin thickening will continue and become painful if the friction is not removed. This can cause the corn or callus to get worse.

If you have a foot deformity such as a hammertoe or bunion, you may develop a corn or callus where your shoes rub these areas. 

Treatment of Corns and Calluses

Treatment is aimed at removing the pressure that is causing the corn or callus to develop in the first place. This lesion is not a living thing so it cannot be “killed’. You can treat your corn or callus at home by soaking your foot in warm, soapy water and then filing away the surface with a fine emery board. However, if the pain persists, we highly recommend seeing one of our Ennis podiatrists. Our team will let you know what caused you corn or callus and get you into better shoes to take the pressure off your feet. 

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