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A bunion is also known as hallux valgus. This condition presents as a hard, “bone bump” at the joint at the bottom of the big toe. This joint carries a lot of your weight when walking and can cause severe and constant pain. The joint can also become stiff and swollen causing shoes to become too painful to wear. It can also move toward the second toe and put pressure on it. This can cause the second toe to start to lift upward.

The good news is that our Ennis podiatrists are experts at treating bunions. So if you’re seeking exceptional care – and relief – from bunions in Ennis, Family Foot & Ankle Centers can help you get better!


Bunions form when abnormal pressure on the big toe joint causes the bone to move out of place. Different conditions that can cause this abnormal pressure are tight shoes, high heels, and leg length differences. Certain foot problems such as arthritis, flat feet and weak foot ligaments can also lead to this painful deformity. Finally, bunions can also be hereditary and passed down from generation to generation.


Treatment for Bunions

Treatment for bunions depends on your symptoms, activity level and even age. Some of our foot specialist recommended treatments for bunions include resting the foot, icing the foot for 20 minutes when it becomes inflamed, and wearing a soft leather shoe with a wide toe box.

Bunion splints are generally not recommended as they cannot push the bone back into place. They can, however, strain the ligaments around the joint and further cause inflammation. If you do have surgery to push the bone back into realignment, sometimes a bunion splint will be used to help hold the toe straight until the bone heals at its new position.

Custom orthotics have been the mainstay of treatment for bunions for many years. Newer orthotics are lighter and stronger than ever before. They also fit into more shoes than previous models. These custom shoe inserts help hold your feet in the correct position to allow them to function more efficiently.

Surgery for Bunions in Ennis, Tx

At Family Foot & Ankle Centers reserve surgery as a last resort. The good news is that with conservative treatment, surgery has become a very good option to permanently correct this painful condition. Your Ennis foot specialists are experts in the newest and most advanced bunion surgery techniques. 

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